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Meeting business demand for integrated strategic communications

Bickerton is an independent agency, based in the Netherlands, providing financial, internal and external communications, public policy and governmental affairs advice to corporations, funds, institutions, industry organisations, politicians, and NGOs.

Our clients face multiple and complex challenges that touch all areas of society. Our integrated approach meets their need to balance all interests and to engage with all stakeholders in order to create sustainable value.

Our services are a fundamental part of our clients’ business operations. We work as an embedded partner and a trusted counsel; a key ally in defining communications strategies and ensuring effective stakeholder engagement.

Whether in ongoing business or special situations, we help our clients communicate in a clear and understandable way.

Our approach

What we do and how we work

We’re experts at what we do. We’ve been doing this a long time, and at a senior level. We cut our teeth on some of the biggest issues of recent times, from the financial crisis to political upheaval. We advise on:

  • Business sustainability
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing and capital raising
  • Restructuring and change management
  • Public policy and lobbying
  • Integrity, reputation, and compliance issues
  • Litigation
  • Internal and external stakeholder alignment
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Our roles

Working in partnership to develop and deliver sustainable communications strategies across all stakeholder constituencies


  • Trusted counsel to boards, business leaders and politicians, providing independent opinion and an expert outside view
  • Reputational due diligence of business-critical events
  • Drafting and delivering strategic and financial communication plans, and public policy and governmental affairs strategies at local, national, and European level


  • Acting as first point of contact, spokesperson or lobbyist, overseeing or supporting media, governmental, investor relations, or project management tasks
  • Managing internal and external communication and investor relations processes for a specific situation or scheduled event
  • Preparing senior management, executives and non-executives for an event, presentation or significant situation with an internal or external audience


  • Drafting statements, press releases or presentations, organising stakeholder events
  • Speech writing
  • Comprehensive (social) media monitoring, stakeholder intelligence and analysis
  • Conducting market sentiment studies and research
  • Distributing (press) releases and communications materials to media and other stakeholders
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We are committed to delivering the best advice in the most professional way to clients who demand and expect nothing less.

We work hard to understand your business; we don’t cut corners; we make complex matters understandable; we try to make the best choices for the best outcome

We’ll tell it to you straight; we won’t promise what we can’t deliver

We trust our clients; we’ll defend their interests & protect their reputation; we are independent; we have no hidden agenda

We expect to be judged by our work and the results we deliver

We have a strict internal code of conduct ensuring confidentiality, preventing conflicts of interest, and barring direct investment in listed companies


Ian Bickerton

Ian Bickerton

+31 (0)6 2501 8512

Ian was the Netherlands’ correspondent for the Financial Times for nine years until 2007 and has spent the last decade as the trusted communications advisor of Dutch and international companies and organisations navigating complex strategic situations including transactions and reputational issues.

David Brilleslijper

David Brilleslijper

+31 (0)6 1094 2514

David headed communications and investor relations departments at Hoogovens, Corus Netherlands and Delta Lloyd from 1999, following eight years in general management. He moved into consultancy in 2016, focussing on finance, strategy, litigation and internal alignment questions.

Ilse van Klinken

Ilse van Klinken

+31 (0)6 1214 4778

Ilse started her career in EU Affairs in Brussels and was then Director Public Affairs for TNT and PostNL for 10 years. Since 2014, she has worked as an independent advisor, helping businesses and organisations design effective public and governmental affairs strategies.